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How Energy and Infrastructure Industries are Using UAVs

A curious pattern emerged in late May, as sobering images surfaced of the tornado damage sustained in Southwest Ohio: aerial...

Primer for ROS Deployment

As discussed in A Brief Introduction to ROS, ROS is not actually an operating system, but a service-oriented architecture...

Command & Control Software: Make/Buy Decisions

On any given night, you can find me exploring the crevices of my refrigerator, musing on the presence of eight bottles of...

Top 10 Must-See Sessions of the 2019 Energy Drone & Robotics Summit

We can’t wait for the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit! We’re excited to be an exhibitor alongside 1,000+ energy and...

Top 3 Challenges of Robotic Systems and How to Overcome Them

Ever since Isaac Asimov introduced the Three Laws of Robotics in his 1950 anthology “I, Robot,” society’s preconceived...


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